"Learners see Alabaster Training Centre as an essential partner in their steps towards their personal growth through the acquisition of skills programmes and/or qualifications."

our core values

Alabaster training centre is a 135% black owned private company founded in 2014 to address the urgent need for skills development in our country.
Alabaster training centre focuses on developing a variety of scarce skills in the corporate sector and rural communities by delivering superior quality training. Our training solutions encompass both theoretical and relevant practical components essentially needed to upskill current workers and provide…

Integrity as the foundation in all we do and Promote mutual respect and trust through open communication

Ensure equity, fair treatment in all our policies and Honesty and transparency in all our dealings

Support and develop staff and learners to promote personal growth and Deliver professionally



Alabaster focuses on enhancing our country’s workforce one step at a time by developing more vocationally skilled professionals through quality training skills development and innovative business solutions.



Aspiring to be the national leaders in tailor made business solutions.



  • To fulfill its mission, the Institution sets forth the following goals
  • To provide qualifications to enable Learners to gain employment, to retrain for new career fields or to upgrade current career skills
  • Development of diverse learning programmes based on client needs and Seta sector skills plans
  • To promote training meeting in corporate sector with focus on the SMME sector
  • To provide qualifications and programmes to serve the lifelong educational needs of the community
  • To assure quality instruction by encouraging the professional growth and continuing excellence of academic, administration and technical staff
  • That all members of the institution benefit from an open, co-operative manner of governance, based upon clearly documented policies and procedures
  • To provide to Learners a range of instructional resources, facilities and programmes that complement and add to traditional classroom education;
  • To provide a range of academic support services to Learners, and specialized support for Learners with English as a second language ;
  • Forming strategic alliances and co-operation between public institutions and industry.
  • Promotion and assurance of total quality employer.
  • Development and implementation of effective marketing strategies
  • Imagine building of the institution as a reputable institution for learning

Meet our Team

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create focused strategies that’s align with business goals, who can infuse their creativity into ground breaking success,

Get To Know Your Team

Sonita Naidoo


Sonita Naidoo: Managing Director at Alabaster Training Centre she possesses a Bcom HRM Degree and in Education, she as experience with large corporate and heads the entire training and development department. She is responsible for the assessment and identification of the business’s development needs, primarily at the managerial level, and for the effective coordination of training and development programs for the business. The Director of ATC actively searches, creatively, and implements effective methods for enhancing performance, and recognizing outstanding performance, Sonita Naidoo maintains a consistent culture in the business with regard to training and development, she is responsible for the creation, implementation, and improvement of all business-wide training efforts. The performance of the business is highly dependent on the training and support from the training department, which implies that the director monitoring the activities of the department must be highly experienced, motivated, and dedicated to quality training across the business.

Selvan Naidoo

Executive Marketing Director

Selvan Naidoo: Executive Marketing Director at  Alabaster Training Centre  19 years  experience  and he oversee the activities of the entire marketing department and are responsible for overseeing all marketing operations for their organizations, including providing leadership to motivate marketing professionals to reach all company objectives within given time-frames.

“The facilitators at the Alabaster Training Centre are masters of their art, high quality delivered by knowledgeable experts."

Thomas Mbango

Thomas Mbango is a subject matter expert and has great analytical skills to ensure that his highly specialized knowledge is being put to good use.

Patty Kabengela

Patty Kabengela is committed to lifelong learning is more capable of overcoming new and unique challenges as they come. He is always open to new challenges, thus helping the organization stay ahead of the curve within the industry.

Nicole Pillay

Nicole Pillay is Observant and inquisitive she thinks outside of the box and looks for innovative ways to leverage her knowledge, and carefully consider common challenges, and find creative ways to solve them.